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midpoint of a trine between his progressed Jupiter at

20 Aries 14R and his natal Jupiter at 22 Aries 34R

4. Transiting Mars at 01 Pisces 30 conjoins transiting

Neptune at 2 Pisces 10, and both go on to trine his

progressed Mars at 03 Scorpio 11. 

5.Transiting Venus at 02 Aquarius 20 tines his natal

south node at 00 Libra 15R, (could bring him a Super

Bowl ring) although, at the same time, it squares his

progressed Mars at 03 Scorpio 11.

6. Progressed Pluto (his Sun sign ruler) at 10 Scorpio

56 has moved up to conjoin his natal Sun at 10

Scorpio 47 and sextiles transiting Pluto at 10

Capricorn 28.

7.Transiting Saturn at 11 Scorpio 20 is still working,

and has been strengthening that sextile recently also.

It is interesting to see that natally Flacco has Jupiter

conjunct his Sun in Capricorn by one degree and

Kaepernick has Pluto in Scorpio conjunct his Sun by

one degree. This ties into Joe having a tight knit

relationship with his very Italian (Jupiter) family. And

Kaepernick was adopted, which I feel, relates to to his

Scorpio conjunction.

I think that progressed Uranus will keep doing its

magic, plus with all of the other favorable aspects

working that day for Kaepernick, I think the 49er's are

going to win!

Another odd thing is that two coaches that happen to

brothers will be pitted against each other. How Uranian

is that?

January 26, 2013


ROAD TO THE SUPER BOWL Armstrong - When the Saints Go Marching In(1).mp3
                                February 5, 2010

The whole city of New Orleans went hysterically ballistic after their beloved Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings in overtime, and as the NFC champions will go on to face the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl on February 7th. No matter who you were rooting for you must admit that it was one hard fought, exciting game! In looking at the charts of the quarterbacks, as well as for the start of the game, some interesting aspects tie into the outcome.
Drew Brees was born on January 15, 1979 in Austin, Texas, time unknown. His natal Sun at 25 Capricorn conjuncts his Mercury at 26 Capricorn 40. Keep in mind that this sign rules the 10th house of of career. When the game began, the transiting Moon was at 23 Taurus 30 and as the game progressed, it came up to trine his Sun, as Brees looked stronger and stronger.
On the other hand, The Vikings started out looking great, but as the game went on, the Moon moved up and  came up to oppose Favre's natal Neptune, progressed Sun and progressed Neptune at 26, 27 and 28 degrees of Scorpio. Another interesting observation is that when the game started, the ascendant in New Orleans was at 11 degrees of Leo which made a T-square with Brett's progressed Mars at 11 Aquarius 07 in his 1st house, his progressed Venus at 11 Scorpio 47 near his midheaven, and transiting retrograde Mars at 11 Leo 43 in his 7th. His afflicted progressed Mars in the sign that rules the ankles tied into him hurting his ankle, as well as getting pretty banged up in general during the game.

So now it is down to Drew Brees in the Who Dat Nation and Payton Manning and his Indianapolis Colts facing each other in Superbowl XLIV.
Payton Manning was born on March 24, 1976, ironically in New Orleans..time unknown. What jumps out in his chart is that transiting Pluto at 04 Capricorn 34 squares his natal Sun at 04 Aries 13. Also at game time on Sunday, the transiting Moon is at 12 Sagittarius 10 and squares his natal Venus at 11 Pisces 58. Another ominous square is transiting Mars at 06 Leo 15 R  squaring his natal Uranus at 06 Scorpio 22R. Finally, transiting Mercury at 26 Capricorn 40 opposes his natal Saturn at 26 Cancer 02 R. If we add his natal Moon which is at 27 Capricorn 43 at noon, we could be looking at a possible T-square to his natal Jupiter at 29 Aries 37. However, at the same time his natal Saturn at 26 Cancer 02 trines natal Mercury at 26 Pisces 22 with transiting Uranus just 2 degrees shy of that.
Drew Brees has transiting Mercury conjunct his natal Mars at 26 Capricorn, with his natal Sun only a degree earlier. I think that could be an energizing aspect. Because we don't have a time of birth for him, the Moon in the chart for noon is at 21 Leo 34, so we know that it could be either three degrees on either side of that, as the Moon only moves six degrees in a day; so a noon chart is approximately in the middle where it actually is. And that Moon placement could form a T-square to the transiting Sun at 19 Aquarius and possibly transiting Venus conjunct Neptune at 25 Aquarius, and his natal Uranus at 20 Scorpio 17. However, at the same time his natal Pluto at 19 Libra 13 trines the transiting Sun at 19 Aquarius 05.
But in looking at expensive Superbowl rings and bonus money, I think that aspects to natal Venus would play a most prominent role in this game. We have already seen that Manning's natal Venus at 11 Pisces 58 squares the game time Moon at 12 Sagittarius 10. Whereas with Breeze's
transiting Mars at 06 Leo 15R conjoins his natal Jupiter (ruler of the transiting Moon sign) at 05 Leo 13R. This trines his natal Venus at 08 Sagittarius 10. Besides that, during the game, the midpoint of the Sagittarius Moon comes up to his Venus at 08 degrees and his Neptune at 19 Sagittarius.
And the winner is?? Although Payton Manning is a phenomenal quarterback, I am going out on the limb, and thinking that with these aspects in play, the Saints will win. And in case I am all wrong in how I am looking at the will be back to the astrological drawing board for me! But no matter what happens, it will be one whale of a game!


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A few weeks ago, I posted an article about the important transits that were coming up in the U.S. chart I follow: the one for the signing of the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION, show above. I felt that Jupiter would represent Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
As transiting Jupiter at 21 Scorpio was forming a T-square to the 1st and 7th house cusps, as well as being reinforced by progressed U.S. Venus, he was under tremendous criticism and unpopular. The transiting Moon (women) then in Leo was at the midpoint of the U.S. and progressed Jupiter: explaining the opposition of many groups of protesting women. The transiting Sun was at 12 Libra was squaring the U.S. natal Mars at 12 Capricorn, showing that the much of the public was opposed to group who was in power (Capricorn).
However, as I pointed out, as soon as transiting Jupiter passed that and came up to trine the U.S. 6th house cusp and the progressed U.S. Sun at 21 & 22 Cancer, the tide turned in the Judge's favor and he received enough votes on Oct. 5th, and was confirmed today, October 6th: as transiting Jupiter reached 23 degrees of Scorpio to conjunct the U.S. Sun in the 9th house.

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