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midpoint of a trine between his progressed Jupiter at

20 Aries 14R and his natal Jupiter at 22 Aries 34R

4. Transiting Mars at 01 Pisces 30 conjoins transiting

Neptune at 2 Pisces 10, and both go on to trine his

progressed Mars at 03 Scorpio 11. 

5.Transiting Venus at 02 Aquarius 20 tines his natal

south node at 00 Libra 15R, (could bring him a Super

Bowl ring) although, at the same time, it squares his

progressed Mars at 03 Scorpio 11.

6. Progressed Pluto (his Sun sign ruler) at 10 Scorpio

56 has moved up to conjoin his natal Sun at 10

Scorpio 47 and sextiles transiting Pluto at 10

Capricorn 28.

7.Transiting Saturn at 11 Scorpio 20 is still working,

and has been strengthening that sextile recently also.

It is interesting to see that natally Flacco has Jupiter

conjunct his Sun in Capricorn by one degree and

Kaepernick has Pluto in Scorpio conjunct his Sun by

one degree. This ties into Joe having a tight knit

relationship with his very Italian (Jupiter) family. And

Kaepernick was adopted, which I feel, relates to to his

Scorpio conjunction.

I think that progressed Uranus will keep doing its

magic, plus with all of the other favorable aspects

working that day for Kaepernick, I think the 49er's are

going to win!

Another odd thing is that two coaches that happen to

brothers will be pitted against each other. How Uranian

is that?

January 26, 2013



                                                   AUGUST 11, 2008

Last week as people were commenting on the upcoming aspect of Mars at 22 Virgo 02 opposing retrograde Uranus at 22 Pisces 02 which occurred on Wednesday, the 6th on the [email protected], I realized that it formed a T-square to something that I follow, and chimed in with my two cents worth on the site last Monday. It is interesting now to look back and see how it did play out and I would like to share that information with everyone.

In my posting, I said it ties into the U.S. chart I follow, which is for the signing of the Articles of Confederation. . November 15, 1777...12:46 PM..York Pennsylvania.
In it progressed Mercury is at 22 Gemini 41 in the 4th house (our foundation). I have been watching transiting Uranus in the 1st house slowly move up to 22 degrees of Pisces, which of course is squaring it. And on Thursday, August 7th at 3:35 AM, Mars comes up to 22 Virgo 22 which forms a T-square configuration. I picked this particular time, as the Moon at 28 Libra 01 in the 8th house then will square natal U.S. Pluto at 28 Capricorn 01 in the 12th.



Well, it took a few hours longer to manifest, but as at 9:31 AM (Washington time, which would have been 06:31 PM in Georgia), as the Moon came up to 1 Scorpio 04 to exactly square progressed Pluto at 1 Aquarius 04 R. in the secretive U.S. 12th house, Georgia's president Saakashvili ordered an all-out military attack on Tskhinvali, the capital of South Ossetia. Mars, the planet of war, triggering this outbreak of violence is important as this military operation has far-reaching implications. We have secretly been giving aid and training to Georgian troops, and it is seen by the Russians as an outpost of US and NATO forces. In fact, close relations between President Saakashvili and President Bush have long fueled Russian suspicions that the US is trying to turn Georgia into a NATO outpost in the Caucasus, and recent comments by President Bush have probably confirmed those suspicions. This is a threat to them, as it is on the immediate border of the Russian Federation and within proximity of the Middle East Central Asian war theater. South Ossetia is at the crossroads of strategic oil and gas pipeline routes, and the conflict has been sparked by the race for control over the pipelines carrying oil and gas out of the Caspian region. Although the Russians may just bear with the pro-US Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili’s ambition to bring his country into NATO, they draw a heavy line against his plans and those of Western oil companies, including Israeli firms, to route the oil routes from Azerbaijan and the gas lines from Turkmenistan, which transit Georgia, through Turkey instead of hooking them up to Russian pipelines.  

Next, I said that Uranus rules airplanes and I have been paying attention to the recent the midair collision close calls that have been reported, as well as the two frightening Quantas airline incidents. So I am wondering if the T-square could bring about another serious mishap along those lines.

This is what happened on that level; eight Californian firefighters and one of their helicopter pilots were presumed dead after their emergency aircraft crashed on Tuesday evening in a forest two hundred miles from Sacramento. The firefighters had been trying to contain part of a blaze that had taken hold of more than 27 square miles of the Shasta-Trinity National forest in California. Much of the fire had already been contained. Four of the thirteen firefighters and helicopter crew on board were flown to local hospitals with severe burns. The rest were missing, presumed dead. It is believed that the aircraft crashed at around 7.45 PM on Tuesday night. The cause of the crash is still uncertain, According to the US Forest Service; the helicopter had taken off from a remote area of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. It added that a number of firefighters who had been waiting to be collected by other helicopters tried to help to rescue their colleagues. However, about three dozen of them had been forced to spend the night in the open because it had become too dark for new helicopters to land. At the time of the crash on August 5th, Mars was at 21 Virgo 37, but by the next morning when the stranded firefighters were rescued, Mars came up to oppose Uranus exactly. Mars is a fire planet, and the incident was connected to firefighters who were trying to do their job (Virgo), and Uranus, which rules travel by air, representing the unexpected crash. So this event happened a little before the U.S. T-square was exact. Then, on the 10th, at 12:25 PM as Mars moved up to 24 Virgo 32, and was separating from the U.S. T-square, there indeed was a mid air collision. A small plane en route from Polson, Mont., collided in mid-air with another single-engine plane this afternoon near Rock Springs, Wyoming. The two people aboard the plane that took off from Polson were killed, as was the lone occupant of the other aircraft. Authorities received a report of an "explosion in the sky" and there was wreckage on the ground about five miles northwestof the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport.

I also wrote that Mercury rules the 5th house of speculation in this chart, so perhaps something important could affect the financial markets. Although the Moon in the 8th house of banking squaring Pluto (finances) then (going back to the 7th) is too early to impact our U.S. markets, it could be doing something negative in the overseas markets. This was actually when the violence broke out in Georgia, but the financial news that day was horrendous. The stock market took a dive late in the day and lost over 200 points after news of a big loss from insurer American International Group fueled fears of more fallout from the credit crisis and Wal-Mart's cautious sales forecast added to concerns about consumer spending. The mood in the financial sector was rattled after AIG, the world's largest insurer, posted its third consecutive quarterly loss of more than $5 billion as it wrote down bad mortgage-related investments. AIG's shares had their worst day in more than two decades. Citigroup added to the sector's unease after the bank agreed to buy back more than $7 billion of illiquid auction-rate securities to settle charges it misled investors about the debt's risk. American Express' shares fell after Moody's Investors Service said it may downgrade the credit card company's debt rating. Concerns about the consumer were pushed into the spotlight after Wal-Mart Stores reported disappointing July sales results as shoppers ran out of extra tax rebate cash, damping hopes for the current back-to-school shopping season. A U.S. government report that showed the number of people filing for first-time jobless benefits jumped to the highest level in more than six years. The announcement was made that the government has to come to the rescue of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, snatching them from insolvency. Policymakers said it was essential to maintain the country’s creditworthiness with foreign lenders, which today hold about one-fifth of Fannie and Freddie securities. Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Fannie Mae (the Federal National Mortgage Association) and Freddie Mac (the Federal Home Mortgage Corporation)?  They were supposedly set up to fund “the American dream” – home ownership by Americans..comments made by Heather Timmons in The New York Times. This was connected to the U.S. T-square's involvement (the progressed Mercury at 22 Gemini 41) in the U.S. 4th house

Saturday, the9th, as Mars came up to 23 Virgo, and was separating from the T-square, and one more thing, I said that the afflicted Mercury makes me wonder about a possible incident at the start of the Olympic Games in China.  Well   with the U.S. progressed Mercury at 22 Gemini  41 (games) the violence of Mars once again manifested with  the senseless fatal stabbing of Todd Bachman, 62, and his wife Barbara, who was critically injured, but survived.  It happened on the first day of the games!

Very often with a T-square, the action will happen in the empty leg of it. In this case it was in the sign of Sagittarius, and we had two major events taking place in foreign countries!




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A few weeks ago, I posted an article about the important transits that were coming up in the U.S. chart I follow: the one for the signing of the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION, show above. I felt that Jupiter would represent Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
As transiting Jupiter at 21 Scorpio was forming a T-square to the 1st and 7th house cusps, as well as being reinforced by progressed U.S. Venus, he was under tremendous criticism and unpopular. The transiting Moon (women) then in Leo was at the midpoint of the U.S. and progressed Jupiter: explaining the opposition of many groups of protesting women. The transiting Sun was at 12 Libra was squaring the U.S. natal Mars at 12 Capricorn, showing that the much of the public was opposed to group who was in power (Capricorn).
However, as I pointed out, as soon as transiting Jupiter passed that and came up to trine the U.S. 6th house cusp and the progressed U.S. Sun at 21 & 22 Cancer, the tide turned in the Judge's favor and he received enough votes on Oct. 5th, and was confirmed today, October 6th: as transiting Jupiter reached 23 degrees of Scorpio to conjunct the U.S. Sun in the 9th house.

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